About Fins

The fins you choose can drastically influence the performance of your board. There are 4 main setups: singlefins, twin fins, thrusters and quads. These days single and twins are generally associated with retro/funboards and the thruster/quad setups are used in performance surfboards. The base, height, rake, flex and foil will all influece the performance of the fin.


There are a few other factors that influence the performance but these are the most important. Unless you are a pro you don’t need to get too technical. Most brands will give you a weight guide to help determine the right size fin for you. It is a good idea to experiment a bit to figure out what works best for your board. When making your decision you should take into account the size and type of waves you plan to surf. Please get in touch with us if you would like some advice. We would love to help!