About surfboards

It is all about the right board for   y o u r   ride.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh stick under your arm. Caressing the curve of the rail, running your eye along the rocker, brushing off the last of the sanding dust. Hopefully the beginning of a beautiful new relationship – one that will bring you hours of pleasure. Your new girl. But they don’t come cheap. It’s a hefty investment!!! So let us guide you in the decision making process. If you are a Pro you probably know what you are looking for so go straight to Surfboards to see if we have what you want, if not chat to us about a CUSTOM shape.
If you are a beginner you probably need to start off on a minimal or a longboard. These boards are typically bigger, rounder and with more volume. Which makes them more buoyant, easy to paddle and stable. You would probably be looking for a board in the 8 to 10 foot range depending on your size, ability and fitness levels. A key element is how often you will be surfing.