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Surf Shop, Big Wave Surfing, Coldwater Core Surf Shop, Kommetjie, Sunset Reef Surf, Surfing, Cape Town.
Surf Shop, Big Wave Surfing, Coldwater Core Surf Shop, Kommetjie, Sunset Reef Surf, Surfing, Cape Town.
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A place where the silence is loud. Where baboons bark and Passions run deep. A place of great Inspiration and Creativity; where Art, Music, Poetry and Passion flow like the relentless beating Heart of the Ocean.
An Ocean that nurtures, soothes, nourishes and inspires your Soul. Raw power. Raw beauty.
A place where we play. Here we draw our Inspiration to create what we do.
Let us take you on a journey that will make you smile.



Nothing Is Impossible.
Roddy is a dedicated water sport enthusiast who has spent the last 7 years building the Kommetjie Surf Shop with passion and tender loving care.


Angel Pittaway

Patience in Persona.
Angel was born and raised in Scarborough and has been surfing for 9 years. He is a pretty chilled guy with a passion for surfing and will always be your helping hand.


Shop Assistant and Surf Coach

Our bruddah from another mother. Bring it on is his motto and no matter in what situation you will find yourself, Ty will have a solution, have the right contact and the total product knowledge.


Brand and Ocean & Earth Sales Distribution Manager

Tereza is passionate about sevice and connecting deeply with everoyne she touches. Always with a huge smile and willing to move mountains!! She will source whatever it is you are looking for with a smile!!


Shop Manager


Surf Lessons

Have you ever dreamt of riding a wave? We specialize in private and small group lessons, and would love to help you achieve your dream and share our passion. We have a couple of local spots that will get you away from the crazy crowd, where you can enjoy your lesson in a stunning environment.
* Wetsuits and Surfboards provided.

Enter your dream here and book your private or group surf lesson.

Board Rentals

Have you traveled far and left your surfboards behind? No stress we have a range of short, long and fun boards that you can rent per session, for the day or long term.

Contact us via email or phone us on +27217834804 and we will make it happen for you.

Surf Couture or How We Dress

Clothes maketh the man, as the saying goes…
We would love to invite you to our little world of Surf Wear. Local is lekker so obviously we love our KOMSURF brand best, but we have also put emphasis on stocking local South African brands like MAMIWATA, HOLMES BROS and YORK. In addition, you will find all the major surf brands in our collection – there is something for everyone!
We handpick every garment, so please come check us out and let us know what you think!
Dive into our  Online Shop and go WILD 🙂


Missing a board from your quiver? Then come check out our surfboard loft. We stock a range of new and second-hand surfboards made by profoundly talented shapers. DVG (Dave van Ginkel), Jerm/Cape Town Classic (Jeremy Fowkes), Safari surfboards from Durban, Channel Island, Lost, Ferral and York to name a few. We also stock the widest range of Big Wave Guns in the country from shapers like Twiggy and Pyzel. Pull in for a chat we would love to discuss your next board with you.

To order your custom surfboard, please click here .


We are a Cold Water Core Surf Shop and as such are happy to offer you a wide range of top quality premium wetsuits. Peak performance requires warmth and flexibility. There is always a trade-off in wetsuit construction between warmth, comfort, and durability, let us help advise you on the right combination. Check out our range of wetsuits here. We also stock a wide range of cold water wetsuit accessories like gloves, booties, surf hoods, and thermo vests.

Wetsuit & Surf Accessories

The Cape waters are cold, wild and stormy. To perform at your best requires warmth and flexibility, so when an Arctic Iceberg floats past within touching distance, we can offer you some warmth and comfort in the form of booties, gloves, hooded thermo-vests, and surf hoods.
Whatever else you need from fins, leashes, deck grips and board bags to binoculars, we’ve got you covered. We will always give you the best advice possible with TLC.
Order online or come and visit us in magical Kommetjie, we’d love to meet you!!

Are you looking for something that’s not in our online store?

No problem, give us a shout and we’ll source it for you 🙂